RFM McInnis_Piapot Saskatchewan_Watercolour.jpg

RFM McInnis

RFM McInnis has always forged his own path in art and in life. He was trained as a photographer with the Royal Canadian Air Force which transformed into a passion for painting. A truly Canadian artist, McInnis set out to see the country from a young age; he lived in Saint John, New Brunswick, St. Jean, Quebec, Ottawa, Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary, Montreal, Edmonton, and Winnipeg, where he now resides.
Design and composition are central components to McInnis' work. His style is influenced by Japanese wood block, Jean-Paul Lemieux, and early Renaissance painters such as Giotto. While this may appear an eclectic mix of influences, they all share a similar interpretation to formalism in the sense that they create representational artworks that prioritize feeling and atmosphere over realism. 

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