Honesty, Transparency, and Outstanding Service

richan art is built on a foundation of these three core pillars


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advisory services

I am passionate about building connections through art. Whether it be painting, sculpture, or new media, in a home, office, or public setting, I prioritize my client’s goals to help them feel comfortable and confident. I develop personalized art collecting programmes for companies and individuals based on factors such as the client’s comfort level within the art market, aesthetic interests, budget, and investment goals. Programmes can include proposals and on-site presentations, art market updates, gallery and artist-studio tours, negotiation of sales, coordination of framing, shipping, installing, restoring, and other related services. 

Public art management

Public art is a powerful tool that can be used to make statements, shape cities, and educate people. I work with all stakeholders to ensure that the artwork selected projects the desired values while also advancing Toronto as an international art capital. I facilitate each public art project from start to finish and take responsibility for the coordination of all parties involved. For each project, I shortlist a number of potential artists and help make the best selection. I believe in continually elevating public art in Toronto while remaining respectful of timelines and budgetary concerns.


I will help you strategically grow your collection by providing support, knowledge, and access. I support you by being your representative during sourcing and negotiations, share my art market research and academic education, provide you access to a wide network of galleries, private dealers, restorers, framers, installers, and other specialists. Having lived and worked in Ontario, Saskatchewan, British Columbia, and Québec, I have connections across the country and a strong understanding of the regional differences in the Canadian art market.

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research + Writing

As a PhD candidate in Art History with extensive industry experience, I provide academic level research and writing catered to auction houses, museums, galleries, and others. I am available for consultations, organizational management and implementation of large-scale goals and projects, as well as catalogue writing, research, curatorial work, educational development and lectures, and other ad hoc activities. Some examples of my writing projects include auction house catalogues, artist biographies, museum and gallery exhibition catalogues, essays, books on collection contents, and miscellaneous private and corporate projects.

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Appraisals are often required for insurance purposes, in the process of downsizing, and as a regular part of maintaining a healthy art collection. Formal appraisal reports are written by impartial educated specialists and crucially include a thorough description of the artwork and the appraisal methodology (such as art market analysis). Using the right appraiser dramatically reduces the risk of selling your art too low, paying too much, being over or under insured, incurring tax penalties or being audited. All Richan Art appraisals are performed and written according to International Society of Appraisers standards and code of ethics.


collection management

Using my art market knowledge, educational background, and wide network of professionals, I strategize with you about the smartest collecting plan to suit your budget and aesthetic preferences. In addition, I will keep for you meticulous records of your collection so that you can focus on enjoying your art. These records become the tools required to make an insurance claim, sell or donate, have appraisals performed, or share knowledge with your children. I work with trusted archivists, restorers, installers and other leading specialists to ensure protection of your legacy through the collection management process.